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New Zealand is ideally located midway between Argentina and Asia and offers a natural opening to the Asia-Pacific region. As a result New Zealand companies and individuals are well placed to work together with Argentine partners in the development of markets and opportunities in Asia, and Argentine companies make natural partners for New Zealand businesses interested in Latin America. Argentina is culturally closer to New Zealand than any other South American country with its English roots, similar climate, high level of English spoken, and the outstanding Pumas rugby team!

• New Zealand and Argentina Business Development
Historically New Zealand businesses have shied away from the South American market because of concerns about economic stability, however with a stable macroeconomic climate for the last seven years now is a good time to look at the excellent opportunities that the region can offer.

As well as opportunities within Argentina and New Zealand for each others products and services there are outstanding possibilities for enhanced growth throughout the whole Latin American continent. Working together also provides the potential to partner with South American firms to target markets such as Asia, where New Zealand is already well regarded, or Europe, where many South American firms have strong traditional roots.

• Anderson Lloyd Lawyers
To help achieve our professional goals in an efficient and effective manner we have developed a relationship with the New Zealand legal firm Anderson Lloyd Lawyers.

Established in 1862, Anderson Lloyd Lawyers, is based in the South Island of New Zealand, with offices in Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown cities. It is a large, progressive, commercially-focused law firm which advises clients at a regional and a national level. It offers a full range of legal services including specialties in the areas of Commercial Law, Resource Management, Public Law, Employment, Health and Technology Law, and Litigation and Disputes Resolution – among others.
Anderson Lloyd is also a member of the New Zealand wide group of Lawlink firms.

Both firms, Richardson & Asociados Abogados – Consultores y Anderson Lloyd Lawyers, have the skills and resources in their respective markets to assist those who are interested in undertaking commercial activities in Argentina and/or New Zealand or developing business relationships with parties from either country.
Similarly, they can also assist where non-commercial legal advice is needed in either jurisdiction. For further information regarding Anderson Lloyd Lawyers, please visit:

• Latin America New Zealand Business Council

Established in 1991 following a merger of the Mexican and Chilean Business Councils with New Zealand the LANZBC is a voluntary grouping of New Zealand business people interested in supporting and encouraging business links between the countries of Latin America and New Zealand. The LANZBC funded exclusively by members’ subscriptions, sponsors’ contributions, and fees for individual assistance to certain events. It receives no funds from Government, and operates totally independently from it.

Following many years of neglect, particularly in the 1980s, Latin America has transformed itself in the 1990s, becoming one of the world’s fastest growing regions.  The Latin American business environment is more similar to the New Zealand context than most people realize.

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